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Well, here is my third and for the moment last post including photographs of Street Art in Melbourne. The weather has been rather bad recently and I didn’t get the chance to take any more photos. Maybe I’ll continue with some culinary photography…













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When I look at the statistics of our blog I see that there are apparently still between 10 to 30 people every day opening it up, even though there are no news what so ever. So I decided to give you guys something to look at.

Yes, we are still alive, Anna is working in Little Italy in Canberra and I got myself a decent position in The Press Club in Melbourne. So we areĀ  both saving up some money and enjoying the city life for a while again.

So to give you guys something to look at and to give myself something to do I decided to upload some of the photos I took here in Melbourne. I will upload just a few photos at once, so there is something new every few days or every week. To start with I decided to show you some of the amazing street art of the Melbourne back alleys. Apparently the Melbourne graffiti and street art scene is one of the best in the world and I enjoy just wandering around in the suburbs while listening to music and taking pictures of what I find on many of those typical Melbourne brick walls.

On my last photo safari I discovered quite a few face-graffitis, so these are the four nicest ones for you:

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