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As we missed out on writing about major parts of our travels down the west coast of Australia we decided to write a belated post about our road-trip in order to fill the gaps.

As we’d like to keep the posts in a chronological order we decided to move the post to right spot where it should have been in the first place (if we hadn’t been to lazy at that time) and to provide you with the link to the post right here:

Belated News


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Unfortunately I had only one day of shooting with my new lenses, so the results are rather limited and they consist of cliché-sights only, but I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures anyway. Sydney is an amazingly beautiful city, mainly because of its massive natural harbor which the city is built around. It might lack a bit of character and personality compared to Melbourne (at least in some central areas), but its beaches, ferry rides and the secret spots which one is unlikely to discover by coincidence if nobody is showing you around definitely make up for that. I was lucky enough to have met a local (Laura) who was eager to show me some of those secret spots which I would have never discovered on my own and Sydney seems to be one of those places which I would always return to without hesitation. Furthermore she showed me around her home turf, which is Wollongong, a short train ride south of Sydney, which is apparently THE place to be. Miles and miles of white untouched white beaches lined with hundreds of palm trees, narrow streets lined with grapefruit-, lemon-, and mandarin-trees and the spunky  inhabitants (with the spunkiest showing me around) make this a world class-destination, challenging far better known places with its appeal, charm and exclusivity.

Well, tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving the country and head on to Myanmar. I am quite exited to be traveling again and I am forward to sharing my experiences with you again.  Stay tuned, Rock’n Roll, Nico

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I met up with Anna in Canberra (I won’t post any photos as Canberra is really not the most photogenic city ever) where we discussed our travel plans, and I continued on to Sydney, which is where I am right now and where I will stay until the 21st of May.

As for now our plans are as follows:

  • On the 21st I will fly to Myanmar (Burma) by myself and stay there for 2 weeks
  • Then I’ll meet up with Anna and Simon (Anna’s better half) in Bangkok
  • Laos
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Overland up to China (around early August)
  • Via train from Beijing to Mongolia
  • onwards through Russia back to Europe

These are the plans for now. I should get my Chinese Visa by next week and the visa for Myanmar in Bangkok. The visa for Vietnam we’ll try to get in Cambodia, the Russian visa in Hong Kong and the Mongolian visa in Beijing. All this SHOULDN’T be a problem according to our research. As usual we were too lazy and too unorganized to sort out all our visa in advance, and if anything goes wrong we are screwed, but we just hope for the best and as usually we’ll probably just be fine no matter what happens.

So in 2 weeks time you will find some proper travel entries again on our blog (well, maybe 4 weeks, it seems internet in Myanmar is very very limited and slow…if you can find any at all) and before that I’ll do my best to post some nice shots of Sydney. As I splashed some money around (again…yikes) and bought some new lenses for my camera the photos should be even better from now on.

That’s it for now, you’ll be hearing from us soon, greetings from Sydney, Nico

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After 4 1/2 months of stress and 14 hour shifts I finally decided to quit my job, I had my last day of work on Saturday and I started my freedom on Sunday (being very hungover) with a Bloody Mary breakfast and a big grin on my face.

Before I left my workplace though, I decided to use my 50 % discount and splash some money together with my mate Ran. So we went for dinner in the Press Club last week and enjoyed a night of pure decadence:

The 10 courses we had:

  1. Tuna Tartar, poached oyster, watercress cream, sea-vegetables
  2. Wild mushrooms, mushroom sponge, chessnut-crema, crispy fried egg yolk
  3. Chicken brined in buttermilk, broccoli crema, buttermilk and celeriac espuma, crispy chicken skin
  4. Marron tail, tarama salata, saffron pickled cauliflower, fennel pollen
  5. Garfish, prawn, calamari, squid ink cream
  6. Barramundi, black quid ink tagliatelle, prawns, mussels, fennel puree
  7. Pork scotch, brined for 12 hours, cooked for 24, apple gel, red cabbage and ruby grapefruits, dehydrated crackling and blood sausage
  8. Duck breast, carrot and star anise puree, pickled quince, smoked oats and almonds
  9. Blackcurrant meringue, lychee and creme fraiche sorbet, lime gel, dehydrated lychees
  10. Risogalo: black rice pudding, parsnip custard, jasmine rice espuma, metaxa infused raisins, coconut marshmallow












The Drinks we had:

  1. Hendricks Gin Tonic and Ouzo
  2. 2 Glasses of “Larmandier-Bernier Blanc de Blancs Champagne  NV”
  3. A Bottle of “Keller Abtserde Riesling 2007”
  4. A 375ml Bottle of “Bouchard Pere & Fils, Corton Grand Cru 2008”
  5. 2 Glasses of “Billecart-Salmon Extra Brut Champagne NV”
  6. A Bottle of  “Domaine de Beaurenard ‘Boisrenard’, Chateauneuf-Du-Pape, 2005”
  7. A 375 ml bottle of “Nigl ‘Eiswein’ Grüner Veltliner 2008”
  8. 2 glasses of “S’Naranja, Bodegas Sauci, Condado de Huelva”

All this however was only possible due to my 50 % discount and it will probably not happen again for a long time. I will be leaving Melbourne tomorrow, visit Anna in Canberra and then head for Sydney to sort out my Visa. And then we are off to Asia again…so back to backpacking, cheap ass hostels and long unpleasant bus rides in dodgy vehicles….I am looking forward to it 🙂

Hope you are all well and I didn’t make you all too jealous with my food and wine descriptions.

Rock’n Roll, Nico

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Well, here is my third and for the moment last post including photographs of Street Art in Melbourne. The weather has been rather bad recently and I didn’t get the chance to take any more photos. Maybe I’ll continue with some culinary photography…












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When I look at the statistics of our blog I see that there are apparently still between 10 to 30 people every day opening it up, even though there are no news what so ever. So I decided to give you guys something to look at.

Yes, we are still alive, Anna is working in Little Italy in Canberra and I got myself a decent position in The Press Club in Melbourne. So we are  both saving up some money and enjoying the city life for a while again.

So to give you guys something to look at and to give myself something to do I decided to upload some of the photos I took here in Melbourne. I will upload just a few photos at once, so there is something new every few days or every week. To start with I decided to show you some of the amazing street art of the Melbourne back alleys. Apparently the Melbourne graffiti and street art scene is one of the best in the world and I enjoy just wandering around in the suburbs while listening to music and taking pictures of what I find on many of those typical Melbourne brick walls.

On my last photo safari I discovered quite a few face-graffitis, so these are the four nicest ones for you:

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