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Aaaaand: the first live, on the road insights to be shared.

Vienna has been very kind to us, greeting our humble selves with incredible sunshine and spring-like temperatures, making us wonder why the hell we had to pack that extra fleece (yet we are sure colder times will come).

After a rather relaxing overnight train journey to Austria’s capital, we spent the last 2 days strolling around town, sitting by the Danube river and sampling some good Austrian cuisine. The inner city is full of horse carriages (much to Anna’s displeasure- allergy sends its regards  😉 ), and features incredibly beautiful old buildings. We cruised around the museum quarters, had ‘kleiner brauner’ (milky coffee the size of espresso) in a cafe and stumbled over the Voodoo cafe- some smokey rock bar/pub with walls covered in postcards dating back to the 80’s it seems.

All in all,  a rather pleasant start to our tour, which will continue on to Budapest by bus tomorrow morning.

More soon…


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…less than 24 hours

Weeeeeeell, the day has come, March 14th, 2011. Departure time.

Of course, some unexpected events (see my previous post) did occur, which made us postpone our trip a couple of days (part of it being me lying in bed with a nasty flu) but now the train ticket is booked, the bags are nearly packed (would not be me if I was done on time…) and what remains is saying good bye and boarding the train.

Part of the good bye’s were already done on Saturday evening, and we would again like to thank all the friends that enjoyed some last drinks with us that night- it felt like the proper way to leave in style. Only the hangover was terrible ;-).

The same goes for our families, who we had a nice last dinner with to celebrate the departure.

Our next post will be from on the road, and we can say in all honesty that by now, levels of excitement are rising steadily.

We will stay in touch,

until then


Nico and Anna

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