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Unfortunately I had only one day of shooting with my new lenses, so the results are rather limited and they consist of cliché-sights only, but I hope you’ll enjoy the pictures anyway. Sydney is an amazingly beautiful city, mainly because of its massive natural harbor which the city is built around. It might lack a bit of character and personality compared to Melbourne (at least in some central areas), but its beaches, ferry rides and the secret spots which one is unlikely to discover by coincidence if nobody is showing you around definitely make up for that. I was lucky enough to have met a local (Laura) who was eager to show me some of those secret spots which I would have never discovered on my own and Sydney seems to be one of those places which I would always return to without hesitation. Furthermore she showed me around her home turf, which is Wollongong, a short train ride south of Sydney, which is apparently THE place to be. Miles and miles of white untouched white beaches lined with hundreds of palm trees, narrow streets lined with grapefruit-, lemon-, and mandarin-trees and the spunky  inhabitants (with the spunkiest showing me around) make this a world class-destination, challenging far better known places with its appeal, charm and exclusivity.

Well, tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving the country and head on to Myanmar. I am quite exited to be traveling again and I am forward to sharing my experiences with you again.  Stay tuned, Rock’n Roll, Nico


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